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 Definition of Warrior "....a person engaged in,experienced in, or devoted to cause. One who takes part in a struggle and shows great courage."



Brian Kocun has been practicing massage therapy for over seven years and 
he treats patients suffering from a variety of ailments due mostly to accidents, improper use of body, bad posture and repetitive use injuries. Brian is a strong advocate for Active Release Technique (ART), developed and practiced by Dr. Michael Leahy. ART can be applied as a useful technique in the rehabilitation and healing process, something Kocun takes to heart.

He has studied and practiced ART for almost two years and believes it is a revolutionary technique, very effective in speeding up the healing process, preventing additional injuries and straightening the affected tissues.

"It's similar to some massage techniques, only it's more aggressive. I use this technique in our office on patients suffering from chronic back pain, neck injuries and discomfort, sciatica problems, chronic headaches and migraines, and repetitive injuries to soft tissue surrounding lower, thiractic and cervical spine," says Brian.

Active Release Techniques is applied by hand using a very specific pressure and tension on the muscle involved while moving the muscle underneath the contact. The treatments are combined with proper stretching and strengthening of the involved tissues.

"The affected tissue is trapped while the body part is moved, taking the tissue from its shortened to elongated position,"says inventor Dr Leahy.

More than one visit is required to achieve optimal results, Brian points out, but he sees immediate improvement of otherwise chronic or long-term conditions, sometimes after just one of two sessions.    

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Massage Warrior is not your typical spa massage. It is very nice to get soft relaxing massage in a beautiful spa settings while listening to soft music. But reality is we all get pains and aches that sometimes last for weeks, months or even years ! We get overworked, push our bodies hard with those crazy workouts, never giving our bodies time to heal and recover.
Massage Warrior is about treating your pain and correcting conditions that cause it.
Therapeutic massage is also recommended in post surgical recovery and can have its value in treatment of chronic neuromusculat conditions.
Massage Warrior offers professional and licensed massage therapy in safe, private and quiet  environment, helping you recover from injury so you can get back to all those things you love in no time.
Massage Warrior offers last minute appointments, currently walk-ins are not accepted.
All calls and inquiries are returned within 2 hours or less, GUARANTEED

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